Chunk of Change by Ten Ton Man

Chunk of Change is the newest EP from alt-rock trio Ten Ton Man, which came out last month. It’s a three track offering and it shows off their blues style influence along with the deep vocals and a story telling quality.

The opening, and title, track is a nice way to begin the song. It is so smooth and the vocals so enticing that it’s impossible to escape from its grip. There’s a lot of texture to the opening track, and it gives so much flavour to the EP. While the vocals are slow, which is one of the reasons they’re so hypnotising, but the music around it just speeds up and there is just so much to admire about it. There’s the steady and dependable beat, which is always there even if it becomes buried under everything else, and the layers that cover it include something that sounds suspiciously like an accordion. Everything that goes into the song has a reason to be there and nothing is wasted, making it a very addictive track.

The next song on the track listing is Fine Line, it starts off feeling very dark and moody. Again, the voice has a lot to do with that and is supported exceptionally well with the music, from the piano to the guitars. Everything just fits so well together and makes for a good track. In comparison to the track before, it’s not as good. But it is a decent follow-up and keeps you interested. It’s a proper bluesy track and anyone who is a fan of this type of music is going to like this song.

There is a lot to be said about the music on this EP, it’s just a seamless transition from song to song and is a very good example of Ten Ton Man’s talent. The song writing is excellent and everything about it just makes you want to carry on listening to it.

The last song of the EP ends it on a high. What To Do finishes the EP in the same way it started. It’s slow, but the music is brilliant. All the instruments just create an amazing sound together, adding something very special to the track. Yes, the vocals have been great throughout the EP but the music is just as much of a star. It always brings a different character to the song. While this one sounds slightly Parisian, there is also a marching quality to the track, the drumroll and everything just undulates and the fact that it ends with whistling fading out into nothing makes it incredibly haunting.

This has proven to be a wonderful offering, if you get the chance go and check it out. It’s so promising.

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